About Us

Nethra Crop Sciences Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Nethra Group, envisions being a pioneering enterprise with advanced methodologies and acclaimed international standards in R&D, Production and Marketing of high-quality Hybrid seeds. The company collaborates with highly-qualified pool of talent with an equally experienced field team, to fulfil our mission of providing innovative, sustainable and responsible farming, with a vision to improve the quality of seeds in yield, taste and disease resistance.

In the seven-decade legacy of the group, as a state-of-the-art technology institution with research and development in plant pathology, molecular biology and cell biology, we have invented exclusive high potential seed varieties and successfully launched various hybrid vegetables like Cucumber, Okra, Ridge Gourd, Marigold, Tomato and Hot Pepper.

As a corporate citizen, our pledge to Mother Earth is an enduring commitment to retain purity, richness and abundance bestowed upon us by her.

Chairman's Message - Selvaraj H

Nethra group, with a rich and profound experience of about 70 years in serving the farming community, has evolved to be one of the best farming solution providers in the southern states of India. We now envision our growth not only across the country but also globally through Nethra Crop Sciences.

People, honesty, loyalty and integrity are the four value pillars that have always directed our decisions and enabled the growth of this company. With an eye for new opportunities and a constant focus on high quality, we are continuously working towards empowering the lives of people associated with the Brand.

In the seven-decade legacy of the group, we have been able to develop high potential seed varieties and successfully launch various hybrid seeds of cucurbits, okra, gourds, marigold, and tomato using our state of the art technology, R&D facilities, highly qualified talent pool and equally experienced field team.  We aim to build on this experience even further through Nethra Crop Sciences, which aims at more food, more sustainability and undeterred supply of seeds.

We commit to align our values and our work with service to the global community.

Director's Message - Sataveer Rotti

Since inception, our breeders and field technicians have focused on developing a remarkable variety of vegetable seeds to particularly adapt to various environmental conditions. Our key strengths to ensure high quality of products and services include the latest technologies, intense customer focus, and productive response.

Over the last few years, our company has paved in-roads into various states of India and has an aspiration to expand even further in the world arena to meet the needs of international farmers by providing high quality seeds.